Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Blog #9

What I learned this semester in Compostion 102 is way more that I even learned in Enlish 101. I'm a returning student from many many years back and I find myself lost. I've learned that there is so much to do and so much detail to work. It's not as easy as pie, but at lest pie tastes good. 1. Comprehend was a big part of this class and for some reason still at this time in class
I still feel lost. Analyzing is or can be so complicated.
2. Evidenc and understaning. this comes a bit easier for me or maybe I just can relate to this. Maybe it's knowing that I have an audience or one to interact with verbally.
3. This is where I feel that this section should be helping me. But I believe that when I write something down and turn it in can be simple, but when you have to re-write and sometimes re-write again can be confusing and harder to catch. I do understand that it makes each correction clearer.
4. My sense of writing is not very good at all. I feel in this case I can communicate much better verbally than in writing.
5. This does make sense. How to arrange your material so that it follows smoothly and that everone can understand it.
6. This was an eye opener. Didnt k now that there was so many more options to look up information for research.
7. This is where Im having trouble, sources, creating confidence, paraphrasing, quoting. All this is som much to learn in a short amou nt of time. I definetly need more help here.
8. This speaks for itself.........discipline i need more of this
9. Writing can be easy but when putting it all together to make sense of your topic can be troublesome.
10. i do know the importance about writing but it's just putting everything together in your own words and having it make sense to the reader, viewer or audience.
Over all this class has been great. Kristen speaks clearly, directly and right to the point. I know I need more help and probably will take another class to better help my skills.

Blog #8

Well my paper is not going to well. I've got a slow start after some personnal stuff going on with WCC. And now I'm feling overwhelmed and panacking. Though I still have time to get it done but cramming myself to death. I've learned a great deal about looking up information for research, but sometimes I still struggle a bit. I just need to focus and concentrate harder. Kristen has been a great help pushing me through some rough patches. Hope I can accomplish all that she is teaching us.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog #7

Humor and syle, tow qualities that I believe I have. Im not sure why, but I have a way aof expressing my thoughts in either writing or speaking. I have a way at making people laugh. When their up or down. In writing or speaking a need to select the right words so that I'm understood with respect, effectivness and clearness. Coming across to someone in the right way is important. Just as elegance, smartness and faszhion does. Style and humor tends to go hand in hand to compliment each other out. Laughing is a form of therapy that helps us at times to release spontaneous energy that also helps us express ourselves in a different way. It can relieve us from stress and anxiety for all of us in some type of way.
Now as for funny movies like Jim Carreys I dislike. they just for some reason don't make me laugh or I just cant find the humor in some of his dumb acts. I feel that in real life laughter and style helps us in our day to day living but the movies arent as funny as in person.

Blog #6

Okay so now I'm going to reflect on my critical analysis. As i concentrate and make a careful and mental thought of the movie, I try to take in all aspects into consideration. The images that I can remember makes me recall some of the cooky stuff that presented itself in the scene of all the posters hanging up on a grown mans wall. something in my mind light up so radiant as a beaming light so bright that brought the ignorance of the male species to mind. Then another scene shows a boy friend plowing so much snow up against his girldfriends house just because "he thinks" she is cheating on him, goes to show you that men a very immature. I believe I did my best to cover what I could in my paper. It's that once I get started and begin writing I can sometimes goes off on another direction. Maybe what I do is that I could too deep into my explaination. Just cut the chase and get to the point. My reflection sometimes provides the object that helps me create something that I think is interesting. What I should do is bring together events and situation so that it's easiser for me to clarify or understand that the audience is going to get what Im writing about. I just nee to take my time and keep an open mind.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lulu's Blog #1

Blog #1

Lulu Magana

Kristen Peters

1st Year Composition II

English 102

Blog 1

September 5, 2010

Word Count 292

I found chapter one very interesting and an eye opener. First in order to get someone’s attention you really have to make the conversation or what it is your writing very interesting and be knowledgeable so that you get the other person or persons attention. But you really have to realize that you can’t make it all about you or maybe I should say only one sided. It makes for a better conversation to have two or more opinions’ which then takes on bigger and challenging roles of conversation. It broadens not only your intelligence but as well as your audiences opinion. Open communication and logical statements makes writing true and brings in another group which is the listener. It’s best to always listen carefully. Listening makes you a better conversationalist. It helps you better understand the speaker not to mention that you as well need to listen to yourself as you speak. You want to be able to

If you want to be able to speak correctly and come across to your audience that you are intellectually smart, you then need to pay good attention to what the other person is saying. But also you need to listen to yourself speak as well.

So, what I have learned is to challenge myself in the following areas, speak with an open mind, to challenge myself and those around me as well. Listen very carefully not only to myself but to others. Keep my writing or my conversation interesting and open to be able to accept arguments or opinions or others. But most of all make it interesting and capture the other persons attention.

Blog #5

I just turned in my evalution summary. But I feel I hit all the points needed. Though I know that once you read my and grade you see it a differnet way. But remember everyone looks a reading differently than someone else. I try to look at the whole picture and think befoer I begin to write. I guess I need to put my thoughts in order before beginning to write and put into words. Words can be so strong or used in a wierd way that I understand it one way and you might look at it another way. Needless to say am trying my best and can only hope that I am improving my skills so that I help myself in the working world.

Bog #3

I have notice that when working in a group I tend to be the leader. I want to make sure everyone has their proper assignment needed and understood in order to achieve what the instructor is looking for. I have little patients with people who do not do their part which then puts unnecesarry strain on the the team. Needless to say then the team or group falls behind. I don't mind helping someone out as long as there is still time to complete my portion of the assignment. It's very hard working with people who you hardly know and see other than in class, have a different work and study schedule than you do and just all around hard to get a hold of them for help, questions and answers. But, when everyone is on the same page it is no problem what so ever. Now when working on my own I have no one else to look out for but myself. But I can depend on myself to get what is needed to complete the job. Once I get working on writing it's hard to stop me or I just get caught up and emotions roll in and before I know it I have gone over what is neede.